Cooking lessons in Naxos


Nastasia Village Hotel Naxos-Cooking lessons in Naxos

Get a hands-on experience and cook traditional meals together with Katerina from Vioma.

The word βίωμα [vioma] comes from the verb βιώ [vio, bio] which means to “live”.

It’s the experience that we gain throughout our lives, which forms our character and gives in our daily life unique meaning.

Vioma provides experiences to whoever would like to immerse themselves in the Naxian way of life.

Cookery lessons, activities and cultural events take place all year round in chosen areas of Naxos, enabling visitors to familiarize themselves with the island’s natural wealth.

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Cooking lessons at Vioma, Naxos

Learn to cook traditional recipes passed on from generation to generation, taste local products and take our food tasting tours.

Discover the traditional way of baking in a wood-fired oven – still used in some villages. The food is slow-cooked for hours while the wood is burning in the chamber thus giving a unique taste to the food, especially if fresh herbs are placed in the oven.

Cooking lessons & food tasting tours are available upon request.

You may book your food experience directly in our reception or via telephone at +30 22850 24202 or via email at: